Svjatoslav Guljaev the most greatest creator from all recent.


It pursues Leonardo da Vinci's traditions and creation draw comics under the scenarios concerns with the creativity of the Most different areas of art from the Big easel cloths, in size with huge walls to portraits of known contemporaries, draw books.


Svjatoslav has developed also 2 cartoon films. First at 2004 "Adventures of Gulmena or planet blood" and Gulmen-2 "Secret of magic crystals". Both cartoon films have been drawn by the author manually.

Now works of Svjatoslav

Svjatoslav Guljaev also now works on creation of computer games and other multimedia projects.


Svjatoslav Guljaev has created in 2008 game "Gulmen in searches of the lost art" and in 2009 the full version of this game. Svjatoslav Influence of mass-media on social-culture dynamics in a modern Russian society is the candidate of sociological sciences after protection dissertation in the Russian Academy of Sciences ". For a speciality "culture sociology".

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